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Important News & Updates

The Closing of Another Meet Season

As the 2022 meet season comes to a close it is time to start preparing for the 2023 competition season. Coaches and gyms if you know you are planning to host a competition in the 2023 competitive season, please start submitting your information to the State Director so that your meet can be placed on the Calendar for next season.

2023 - 2024 Calendar

Date Meet Name Location Host Gym
Dec 2 - Dec 3 Judges Cup Sarasota, FL Evo Athletics
Jan 6 - Jan 7 Gator Swamp Invite St. Francis Academy Gainesville, FL Sun Country
Jan 19 - Jan 21 Whitlow Invitational ESPN Wide World of Sports, Orlando Orlando Metro
Jan 26 - Jan 28 Daytona Beach Open Daytona Beach, FL ACE Gymnastics
Feb 9 - Feb 11 Sam Mikulak Men's Invitational Sarasota, FL EVO Gymnastics
Feb 16 - Feb 17 Presidential Classic ESPN Wide World of Sports, Orlando USA Competitions
Feb 23 - Feb 25 Gasparilla Classic Invite Tropicana Field Tampa, FL Lightning City Gymnastics
Mar 8 - Mar 10 FL Men's State Championships Legacy Park Rec Center Alachua, FL Meet Magic
Apr 4 - Jul 4 Region 8 Championships Duluth, GA
Apr 26 - Apr 28 Mens Eastern Championships Cleveland, OH
May 9 - May 12 Development Program National Championships Daytona Beach, FL USA Gymnastics

Our Athletes


Men's Gymnastics Has Six Competitive Events

Floor Exercise


Athletes must perform a series of skills including forward, backward, sideways, and other tumbling variation. Additionally they must perform non-acrobatic skills demonstrating strength, flexibility, as well as artistic elements.
Pommel Horse


Athletes must perform various types of swings including lateral, circular, and various others, and must also perform variations with turns, handstands, or flairs and must also travel across the horse.
Still Rings


Athletes must perform various types skills on rings with the goal being to keep the rings still while in holds. Skills include kips, swings, swing handstand, swing to strength, as well as strength holds and dismounts.


Athletes must perform one or two vaults depending on their level. Vaults can be performed from one of five element groups including handspring and round off entry vaults with or without varying degrees of twists.
Parallel Bars


Athletes must perform various types of swings while competing on this event. These swings include support swings, long hang swings, swings with the body supported on the upper arms and in-bar swings, as well as a dismount.
Horizontal Bar


Athletes must perform elements of various types on this event. The elements include long hang swings, skills performed near the bar, skills with various grips on the bar, flight elements or releases as well as dismounts.