Placement in recreational levels are based on skill, ability, age, & experience. Skills are taught to a student in a progressive manner. As skills are introduced and mastered, safe & challenging progressions follow with increased exposure to higher level skills:

  • Trampoline
  • Tumbling

Girls and Boys that complete criteria according to skill assessment charts advance through three recreational skill levels:

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

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Ages 5 to 12

Structured girls classes incorporate all six girls Olympic gymnastics events & equipment progressively.

Skill assessment charts are utilized to ensure gymnastics success from introductory to intermediate skills.

Recreational Class Schedule, Fall 2023

Shown below is our recreational class schedule for this season.

Our schedule refers to "skill levels", which are defined in the document linked below.
You may also download a copy of our schedule using the link below.

Beginner Tumbling Skill Book  Intermediate Tumbling Skill Book  Advanced Tumbling Skill Book  



6:00 pm 7+ Beg./Int. Coach Josh
4:00 pm 5-7 Beg./Int. Coach Syni
6:00 pm 7+ Int./Adv. Coach Syni
6:00 pm 5-8 Beg. Coach Josh
4:00 pm 5-8 Beg. Coach Isabela
5:00 pm 7+ Int./Adv. Coach Isabela